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How to Weight Train with Vertical Jump Workout Program

Weight training is one of the important parts of any workout including vertical jump workout programs. This is because vertical jump help an individual to build muscle and strength. Also, the better-looking body that an individual will get from weight training is a great side-effect. There are various tips that one should know so that he or she can weight train properly.

Tips on how to weight train properly

1. Have adequate restman playing basketball

Many people have a feeling that they should hit the gym for two hours every day, and seven days every week to achieve good results. Indeed, that feeling is far from the truth. It is crucial to rest for one day between each day of weight lifting. That way, an individual`s body will have adequate recovery time, and avoid over training.

2. Keeping track of how much one can lift

Keeping track of how much an individual can lift is always paramount. So, having a book and a pen during the training is also important. That way, one will be able to record how much he lifted during every exercise.

This includes reps, the number of sets and weight. The only way that one can progress from one week to another one is by just doing a little more exercise every week. One should add some pounds to each lift each week, or even add at least 1 more rep to every exercise. Frankly, one will see amazing gains by taking some seconds to record things.

3. Train to failure on every set

It is advisable to train until one is not able to do another rep on every set. That is the best way of making results much better than quitting.

For sure, the body will grow if forced to grow. One of the great ways of forcing the body to growth is by pushing it until it cannot do anymore.

4. Performbasketball player light warmup sets, especially at the beginning of a vertical jump workout program

Admittedly, performing light warmup sets, especially at the beginning of a workout is important. It boosts the flow of the blood. One can injure himself if he starts to lift heavy weight before he is warmed up. Besides, he will be performing poorly.

5. Keep reps between six and eight for heavy exercises

If one can do eight reps on an exercise, he should kick up the weight of a notch. After getting above eight reps, one will be training his body for endurance instead of muscle growth.

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