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Cervical Traction at Home

When the neck is in a poor position, you are likely to experience some pain because the spine is not properly aligned. The dry joints eventually wear unevenly causing stiffness and pain in the neck. Using cervical traction at home helps in creating a space between the vertebrae so as to keep the spinal disks healthy. It also helps in relieving irritated and swollen nerves.

It’s important to take early countermeasures to neck stiffness and discomfort because if untreated, the problem can grow to long-term complications. Cervical traction at home is the ultimate solution to frequent neck stiffness and discomfort.

Home Cervical Traction Units

Air Neck TractionAir Neck Traction

This is an inflated neck brace that is secured around the neck. It can be easily pumped to inflate.As it gets filled with air; it straightens taking the weight of the head off your neck and pushes the shoulders down. This gives a good opportunity for the muscles to relax and for the disks to align and re-hydrate.

Over the Door neck traction unit

As the name suggest, the device is mounted on the door.A strap is then tightened around the back of your head.You can then relax on a chair as you do other activities such as reading while the traction works.

Posture pumps

Posture pumps units are durable, well-built medical equipment that is simple to use and require no assembling. They are a perfect simulation of cervical traction done in the hospital. You just lie down on the pumps bed, adjust the little knobs securing the base of your skull and tighten the strap on your forehead. The last step involves pumping up the pressure until you get comfortable.

Benefits of home cervical traction units

Some home cman with Air Neck Tractionervical traction devices are mounted on the doors for ease of use while others are portable making it possible to do neck traction anywhere when needed. The devices get to the cause of neck stiffness and discomfort by carefully lifting and separating the neck in a unique way.

They are easy to use as they require no assembling and are some are completely portable.You can take them anywhere; traveling and in the office. Use of the devices is not restricted to any specific time or location. They can be used anywhere when need be.

The unit restores the spine properly enabling effective drawing of nutrient-rich fluids into the joints increasing even joint wearability and promoting balance. Cervical traction should be done with instructions from the doctor. The practice is not recommended for people who have already had a neck surgery. Make sure that you do not overdo traction as it might cause more harm than good.

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