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Medical uses of Garcinia Cambogia

The use of herbs to treat certain ailments is not new in the world. For decades the people depended on fruits, leaves, flowers, seeds and roots of plants to relieve certain illnesses. Modernization brought the use of manufactured drugs in treatments which people thought will replace herbs. Nonetheless, people still go back to herbs when manufactured medicine fails. One of the herbs used widely is garcinia cambogia.

General information

Garcinia cambogia

Garcinia cambogia 1Garcinia is a tree that grows in South East Asia and India. The Garcinia Cambogia is a fruit of the Garcinia tree. The fruit is widely consumed for its medicinal benefits. The fruit contains the HCA chemical that is used to make medicine. The medicine is locally taken through the mouth. It has been used by people of a different culture for weight loss issues, joint pain, diarrhea, treating worms and for exercise performance. The fruit has so far shown positive results in these treatments.

How it works

The effectiveness of using Garcinia in many treatments has never been confirmed. However, the people who have used the drug have so far exhibited positive results. It contains a chemical known as HCA ( hydroxycitric acid) which gives it its healing powers. The chemical is known to improve the body’s metabolism. The chemical is also effective in controlling weight issues as it prevents fat storage in the body. The chemical is also vital in increasing endurance hence enabling people to perform well I exercise.


Garcinia is used for many uses in many cultures. Regarding its use in performance, the medicine benefits women while on men its effect is yet to be confirmed. Women who have been untrained for long can endure in exercise after taking Garcinia. The most traditional use of Garcinia is in weight loss. However, different research exhibit different results from the use of Garcinia in overweight people. Nonetheless, the drug has limited or no side effects to people hence making it with the take. The majority who have tried to use the supplement HCA extracted from the fruit, however, have reported to having positive results.

Garcinia is also used for uses such as

  • Relieving pains in the joints
  • Treating parasites and worms
  • Easing bowel movements
  • Treating dysentery


Garcinia cambogia treeThough evidence is needed to affirm the effectiveness of this drug, many people still prefer it in treating medical conditions. In some cultures, people have much faith in the drug that it is considered than manufactured drugs. On the bright side, the drug has no side effects hence using it is not harmful for whatever reasons.

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