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Kung Fu training in Munich

The way to achieving all these benefits is to train correctly. After all, you could have the sweetest piece of steak in the world, however, cook it improperly and you’ll have a charcoal chaos.

When you start

When one is studying Kung Fu, one should always move the body as a single unit. It is most advisablekarate for kids that one should move the hand at the same time as the foot, the knee with the elbow, and the hips with the shoulders. This is a technical viewpoint, which tends to separate body parts even as it brings together them.

With the hands and feet, one should step or bend into a stance in unison with the starting and stopping of the movement of hands. For the knees or elbows then move them in a manner which results in legitimate body alignment. For the hips and shoulders, move them in unison and commit your whole body weight to whatever movement you are doing.


The second of the three insider facts of Kung Fu training is to utilize the waist when turning the body. This is something that individuals begin to learn naturally after understanding the points about moving the body as one unit. The advice here is to utilize the waist to make the body turn, don’t turn the arms first and anticipate that the body will take after.

If you move the arms to initiate an action, the body weight will be trying to catch up, instead of projecting weight and vitality, and this happens to take weight during movement. Taking weight during motion will take real power out of a move. In case that one investigation this principle they will wind up building the true chi power inherent in Kung Fu.

Be centered

Last, of the three pieces of advice, has to do with legitimate breathing. There is a general decide that one should breathe in when the body contracts, and out when the body expands. However, there is more to it than simply that. One must breathe, and uses that breath to control awareness into the body part being utilized.

karate man flyingTo make this happen, one should ‘swim with awareness’ when doing the movements of their Kung Fu patterns. This means to drive the hands through the air as if moving great weights; this occasionally makes it appear as though one is swimming through molasses. Obviously, this tends to be truer in the internal manifestations of Kung Fu training. However, that is fine.

Taking everything into account, these are three important items that many individuals disregard, or essentially only don’t understand. However, they are great to one’s real advance in the martial arts disciplines. Harmonize the body parts, utilize the entire body, and put breath awareness into your movements, which is the straightforward and evident mystery of true Kung Fu Training.

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